Milan Duomo Cathedral

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Milan Duomo Cathedral ticket

The pride of Milan.

Nicknamed “Duomo Milan” or simply “Duomo”, it is the pride of the Milanese people.

At 108 metres high and with six centuries of history, the Duomo of Milan is dedicated to the Nativity of Mary and is one of the most beautiful Italian buildings.

Milan Duomo Cathedral ticket

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Set in the heart of the Lombardy capital, this monumental cathedral is a true architectural masterpiece and a must-see if you visit Milan. With its archaeological remains, its exceptional stained glass windows and its magnificent panoramic terrace, it is an unforgettable visit. Take your Milan Duomo Cathedral ticket and go to the ascent of one of the biggest Cathedral in the world.

Milan Duomo Cathedral ticket

One of the world’s largest cathedrals

A true gem, the Duomo of Milan is the third largest Catholic building in the world along with St Peter’s Basilica in the Vatican and the Cathedral of Our Lady of the See in Seville. To explore the Duomo of Milan, we advise you to book your Milan Duomo Cathedral ticket in advance. Buying online will allow you to avoid queues and save a lot of time.

Each Milan Duomo Cathedral ticket is modular. The complete pass includes access to the interior of the Cathedral, access to the archaeological area, access to the museum and the roof terraces.

A huge initial project

500 years is the time it took to build the Duomo in Milan. The building began in the 14th century, in 1386, by the will of John Galeas Visconti, Lord of Milan.

Milan Duomo Cathedral ticket

The construction of the Milan Duomo began in 1386.

The location was not chosen at random: it was the former site of the Cathedral of Santa Maria Maggiore and the Basilica of Santa Tecla, both destroyed by fire in 1075. With this new colossal project the ambition was to illustrate the power of the city of Milan.

The building of excess

With your Milan Duomo Cathedral ticket in hand, the visit will impress you. Five centuries of construction have resulted in one of the largest buildings in the world. At 108 metres high, the Duomo of Milan is still the highest building in the city. This is due to a law that prevents any other building from rising above the Madonnina!

Milan Duomo Cathedral ticket

Recognisable by its pinkish banked marble of Candoglia, the Lombardy cathedral is definitely synonymous with excess: 11,700 square metres of surface area, 56 metres of façade, 3,400 statues…

Not to mention the 135 spires on the roof that give it its nickname of “marble hedgehog”.

The interior of the Duomo Milan

If the view from the square is impressive, the interior of the Duomo Milan is majestic!

Milan Duomo Cathedral ticket

Discover the huge main nave.

The main nave, 45 metres high, is supported by 52 columns, representing the 52 weeks of the year. In every corner, statues, including that of Saint Bartholomew by Marco d’Agrate, and sublime stained glass windows, magnified by the sun’s rays, catch the eye. Look up and admire the trompe-l’oeil ornaments on the vaults. Impressive!

Milan Duomo Cathedral ticket

The discovery continues in the crypt where you will appreciate the remains of the ancient baptistery of San Giovanni alle Fonti.

Milan Duomo Cathedral ticket

An archaeological area not to be missed, accessible with your Duomo Milan ticket.

The terraces

The highlight of the visit is certainly the access to the terraces on the roofs of the cathedral. You will have a panoramic view of the monuments of Milan.

Milan Duomo Cathedral ticket

To get there, you have two alternatives: walk up the 251 steps or opt for the quick and effortless solution with the lift. This option should be selected when booking your Milan Duomo Cathedral ticket.

Milan Duomo Cathedral ticket

At the top, a route winds between the famous arrows.

Once at the top, an itinerary winds between the famous spires, up to the lantern tower housing the Madonnina, overlooking the city. All you have to do is enjoy the show!

Some advice

If you are allergic to crowds, choose certain times of the day.

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The breathtaking view of Milan in the early morning.

Indeed, you will find a few less tourists as soon as the Cathedral opens. You will be able to access the terraces to admire Milan waking up. Finally, as the Duomo Milan is a place of worship, it is preferable to cover your shoulders and knees or risk being refused entry.

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Opening hours:

Every day: 9AM to 7PM.


Time required:

Tour: 2H to 3H.



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By metro:

    Station Duomo  (at 1 min)

  3    Station Duomo (at 1 min)

By tram:

Station Torino Duomo : Lines 2, 3 and 14.
Station Dogona Duomo : Line 24.

By bus:

Nearby stops: Lines NM1, 94, 90 and 54.

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